Counselor Corner

Meet Mrs. Penny Barnes
Hello!  My name is Penny Barnes.  I am a native of Collins, Mississippi.  
I have been in the field of education for 15 years.
  I currently serve as the Professional SchoolCounselor for Rowan Elementary, 
where we serve approximately 500 students under the leadership of Mrs. Donna Scott.  
 I am a member of the Mississippi Counseling Association and American School Counseling Association.
The guidance office at Rowan offers a variety of services such as: 
PBIS, Organizational Skills, Academic Support, Social Skills, Grief and many other services that may help your child/children.

"Cooperation is an important VALUE. Cooperation means to work together for a common value. The more you learn to cooperate with others, the better your life will be. 
Below are some ways to be a Cooperative Person: 
 1. Be a good listener and show good manners. 
 2. Encourage everyone to join in and compromise on ideas. 
 3. Discuss problems calmly. 
 4. Take turns and share. Help others. 
 5. Do your best at your task that is asked of you and do it happily. 
 6. Respect others and don’t try to take all the credit for a task."