We are Proud to Announce:

Rowan Elementary's Parent of the Year 

 was Selected as 

Hattiesburg Public School District's Parent of the Year!


About Ms. Backman

Ms. Backman has taken on various roles in the classroom.  She was present on the first day of school assisting with taking up supplies, organizing for daily routines, and lending a helping hand.  Also, she assisted during small group time and with math fact skills.  She recognizes the needs of other students in the classroom and she makes provisions for them to succeed.    She has helped plan several parties and provided supplies and snacks.  She visits the classroom two to three times per week to make sure her child is on task and to offer assistance where needed.  

She exemplifies exceptional qualities of a concerned and caring parent. Her involvement not only involves academic support for her child, but support for other students as well.Along with her volunteer work, Ms. Backman takes on many roles. She is a positive female figure who provides assistance to all students through mentorship as she did when working at the Boys and Girls Club last year.



Rowan Elementary School - Hattiesburg School District
Hattiesburg, MS   39401-5316
Chaquita Roberts
Reading Classroom Certified Consecutively - 1 year 
Reading Model Classroom Certified, Feb 8 2013
Grade/Specialty: 6

These teachers, librarians, and administrators have demonstrated their dedication to improving academic achievement for students at all ability levels. Renaissance Learning is proud to support their achievements. Model and Master Educators are great sources of advice and successful Renaissance techniques.


Rowan’s 2012-13

Reading Fair Winners 

Division B (1st Grade)  

                                                     1st Place- David Walls                                                    

2nd Place- Kai Graves

Division C (2nd Grade)

1st Place- Dwight McClendon

2nd Place- Dillion Brown

3rd Place- Michael Sanders

Division D (3rd Grade)

1st Place – Summer Stapleton

2nd Place- Lauren Hill

3rd Place- Nyesha Jones

Division E (4th/5th Grades)

1st Place- Felecity Law

2nd Place- Cameron Butler

3rd Place- Jakeil Baker

Division F (6th Grade)

1st Place- Brianna Henderson

2nd Place- Amber Hill

3rd Place- Quincy Monroe 

Division H (Nonfiction 4th-6th)

1st Place- Jayla McSwain

2nd Place- Rhianna Johnson

3rd Place- Joshua Toler

Division M (Family K-3rd)

1st Place- Khalil Williams

2nd Place- Nachannie Baker

3rd- Nivea Barnes

Division J (PreK-2nd Group)

1st Place- Lonnie Sims and Brandin Naylor

Division K (3rd-6th Group)

1st Place- Kylen Strickland and Mitchell Taylor



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posted Aug 22, 2012, 9:35 PM by James Dean

            Rowan Elementary believes…
    • That recognizing the students’ unique physical, social, emotional, and intellectual need is essential to the development of the whole child
    • That the development of the whole child is the primary focus of all decisions impacting the work of the school
    • That students learn in different ways and the adults must provide a variety of instructional approaches to support their learning
    • That the commitment to continuous improvement is imperative
    • That creating mutual respect, positive relationships and appropriate opportunities for success are necessary for all stakeholders

Reading Fair Winners

posted Jan 24, 2011, 12:42 PM by HPSD Webmaster

Congratulations to our 2010 Reading Fair Winners!

To view the results click on the link below:

Rowan PBS

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Rowan is also the home of the PBS Store, Positive Behavior System, where kids are rewaded for the right choices they make each month. Students earn Rowan Bucks through out the month for such things as turning in homework on time, and correct behavior in the hallway. As the bucks add up, students can purchase items from footballs, blow up chairs, and stuffed animals, or if food strikes them, they can purchase nachos, hotdogs and other food items. Rowan is a wonderful school that is always striving to do its best!!!!!

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